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Green Earth Mama Bottom Balm

The New Mama Products by Green Earth Naturals are all made with 100% Certified Organic Oils, and are perfect to help protect the skin during pregnancy, heal and sooth some of the discomforts during the postpartum period as well as any “bottom issues” that occur both before and after childbirth.

This balm contains the healing and soothing power of many organic herbs and powerful essential oils.  During pregnancy and postpartum, tissues can easily become inflamed.  This bottom balm can not only provide relief from irritation, but it can also speed healing.  Palmarosa essential oil is excellent for wound healing as it can stimulate new cell growth, and peppermint essential oil provides cool relief for the inflammation.

Formulated with organic extra virgin olive oil infused with the powerful certified organic herbs of calendula, chamomile, plantain, lemon balm, yarrow, comfrey, chaparral, oregon grape root, self heal, goldenseal, witch hazel, helichrysum, arnica, natural beeswax and essential oils of peppermint and palmarosa.

1 Ounce Tin

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