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Green Earth Mama Healing Spray

Soothing relief to help ease the discomfort of postpartum soreness, irritation, and swelling.  Perfect for using as often as you need relief.  Organic witch hazel extract infused with herbs known for their healing power form the basis of this spray.  We chose the highest quality witch hazel we could find.  This means that unlike the typical commercial extract, which contains more alcohol than witch hazel, this organic version was distilled twice and contains 86% witch hazel extract.  Therefore, our Green Earth Mama Healing Spray is even more soothing and healing while also allowing you to avoid the sting of conventional witch hazel which is high in alcohol.

We chose a special group of organic herbs to infuse.  These herbs are all well known for their healing power.   Our essential oils were selected to not only speed tissue repair, but also to provide a cool and soothing sensation for the inflammation.

Made with certified organic witch hazel extract infused with the certified organic herbs of uva ursi, yarrow, witch hazel, plantain, comfrey, calendula, chamomile, shepherd’s purse, and lavender flowers and essential oils of palmarosa, lavender, and peppermint.

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